Our center was set up in January 2002 in Løkkebakken, Kragerø.

We aim to be a center that considers and treats both the body and soul of the being.

We aim to consult people to make them conscious of their opportunities and to teach them to set their own limits.

We aim to give advice on issues in private as well as working life by combining traditional medical practice with alternative medicine to offer increased life quality.

We aim to be present in the local community and take an active part in local developments that may influence people’s health, happiness and well-being.

We aim to create an environment for positive attitudes and excitement within the center as well as communicate our vision to the people and companies we work with.

Our staff:


(HMS for firms and companies)

Roar Aasulvsen Phone: 99 20 57 91Email: roar@vestmarbht.no
Foot therapist Elin Hamre Phone: 40 46 28 14
Physiotherapist Silvana Paulsen

Phone: 40 46 28 14

Email: silpaul@online.no

Homoeopathist Jarle Botnen

Phone: 35 95 10 90

Email: post@bonaturmedisin.no

Chiropractor Bjørn O. Garstad

Phone: 41 27 08 45

Email: bohh@hotmail.com


Dr.Rist, Dr.Winsnes,


Phone: 35 98 99 99
Family Fitness & Health Club Bjarne Borgan Paulsen

Phone: 35 98 84 72

Email: kragero@fsc.no